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Weldon’s 1632 Gold OD Punch Grinder

Posted on: January 15th, 2016 by Rick Holberg

1048BlogPicA major Ohio based sheet-metal punch manufacturer has added another Weldon model 1632 GOLD to their equipment list. This newest machine features a high-speed control system, custom software, and an X-axis linear motor, that together resulted in productivity increases of better that 80%. Notable was that the higher productivity was accomplished at a quality level exceeding current standards. In this application, punches are ground “from solid” using vitrified CBN abrasives. This eliminates the normal pre-milling to remove the bulk of the stock, eliminates the need to radially locate from a preshape to establish C-axis position, reduces work-in-progress inventory, and shortens the lead time for manufacturing.

System Features
• Fanuc X-axis linear motor
• Weldon programmable gear drive workhead
• Heidenhain Xaxis glass scale
• GII electric rotary dresser
• Dittel acoustic emissions sensor
• Encyclon cyclonic coolant filtration system
• Turmoil chiller for coolant and linear motor
• Absolent mist collector
• Fanuc 310i CNC control

Weldon Solutions offers a full line of CNC OD, ID, and combination grinders. As a Fanuc Robotics integrator Weldon can also address your machine tending, material removal, material handling, and packaging/palletizing needs.

Download the PDF of this Case Study


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