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The Latest Weldon Midas CNC Grinder Model

Posted on: October 24th, 2013 by Rick Holberg

A Midwestern manufacturer of braking systems upgrades their grinding capability with a new Weldon model 120S Midas CNC Grinder.  This machine allows them to grind two pins on a crankshaft in one operation in a CNC pin-chasing mode where the grinding wheel follows the part as it rotates to stay in contact with the eccentric pins.  The result is improved productivity and better quality control.  The new Midas will replace one of the user’s 22 year old Weldon model 614 grinders that featured a conventional pot fixture for grinding one pin per operation.

Dressing is accomplished with a workhead spindle mounted diamond roll, eliminating the need for a dresser motor and control.

The part is clamped and driven by a collet system, with tailstock for support.  In this operation there is no need to off-set the pin in a pot fixture before grinding.

A probing system is used for lateral positioning and to establish radial position of each pin.  The probe also serves to verify that the proper part has been loaded.

System features:

  • Monlan fabric style coolant filtration
  • Weldon ring style dresser
  • Dittel acoustic emissions sensor and automatic wheel balancer
  • Heidenhain rotary and linear glass scales
  • Renishaw  probe/locator
  • Fanuc 310i T CNC control and X axis linear motor

Weldon Solutions offers a full line of CNC OD, ID, and combination grinders. As a Fanuc Robotics integrator Weldon can also address your machine tending, material removal, material handling, and packaging/palletizing needs.


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