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Weldon Wins Accolades at FANUC Conference

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by ws_admin

2013 was a banner year in the Weldon/FANUC relationship. Weldon received numerous accolades at the recent FANUC Robotics North America annual conference in Orlando, FL. Weldon was mentioned numerous times during FANUC’s opening Marketing presentation. References included our Open House, Robotic brochure publication and a Google AdWords co-op program.

Weldon Solutions was awarded with one of the “Excellence in Intelligent Robotics” Awards.  This was given to System Integrators that utilized iRVision in at least 20% of the Robots that they installed in 2013.  The reason that they recognize companies with this award is that FANUC understands how difficult it is to successfully complete projects that incorporate Machine Vision.  Look for the trophy to be displayed in the Weldon Solutions Receptionist Area soon!

Bill Catalano, National Sales Manager for FANUC CNC, spoke since the CNC segment of FANUC recently merged with the Robotics segment. Bill mentioned Weldon Solutions twice as a company that uses both FANUC  CNC Controls and Robots.  He was encouraging System Integrators to consider the use of FANUC controls for machines that they may be currently controlling with a PLC or PC.

Ed Roney, leader of FANUC’s iRVision product line, used the Weldon project video that recently debuted on FANUC’s YouTube Channel in an Intelligent Robot presentation. The 3-D Area Scanner that Weldon integrated for depalletizing cast housings for a Pennsylvania manufacturer, is one of only a handful of projects where this technology has been installed since its release a year ago. All of the others are at automotive facilities. FANUC was very appreciative of the job that Weldon did on this project and immediately requested video footage. Watch the video here:

This video has received about 1,000 views in the past week.

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The dedication, skills, and commitment of our employees have always been the strength of Weldon Solutions. The employees that our customers have come to know and trust to meet their needs are now the dedicated committed owners of Weldon Solutions. These employees along with Weldon’s reputation for innovation and quality guarantee a solid and promising future for Weldon Solutions.

Weldon Solutions offers a full line of CNC OD, ID, and combination grinders. As a Fanuc Robotics integrator Weldon can also address your machine tending, material removal, material handling, and packaging/palletizing needs.


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